Sonja could not have been more professional, accommodating, and fun! I would recommend her for any and all occasions as she caters to all tastes. Many thanks, Sonja! -Marian O, Manhattan, NY (gig ID# 2692834) 

Sonja made our event awesome and actually performed under pressure like the pro that she is! I would hire her again. Very nice and well prepared. -Anthony G, New York, NY (gig ID# 2606096)

Sonja was very professional and was very accommodating to all our guests. She brings energy with her that is key to being a success. Very personable and was a pleasure to have her here! I would highly recommend her. -Topher G, Bethel, CT (gig ID# 2604119)

DJ Reviews

Sonja was so wonderful! Very talented and energetic, and really brought a spark to the event. She is an excellent DJ and a great person to work with. -Andrea B, Brooklyn, NY (gig ID# 2564829)

Sonja has awesome energy! She totally got the group of 30 10-year-old girls moving and having a great time. She suggested really fun games that totally got the room energized. She is fun, happy, loves music. Very professional, punctual, spent real time getting to know what we were looking for. She even went out a bought a whole software package and learned how to use it to accommodate our request for karaoke. -Eugenie R, Scarsdale, NY (gig ID# 3403182)

Thanks for the positive, spiritual vibes and great performance.
Diane B

​Sonja was the perfect DJ for our school event! She was so much fun and the kids loved her music and her super positive personality! -Julie M, South Salem, NY (gig ID# 2621272)

Good Energy

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