One of my clearest memories as a kid that gave me the entertainer vibes, watching Legendary Diana Ross in central park during that storm.

One word, WOW. 

I knew then that I wanted to touch people like that and have so much fun that no rain or howling wind would stop me from doing what I love to do. Thank Goodness 99.9% of my events go off smoothly! 

I get the pleasure of living my passions for the past almost 20 years from On-air FM radio to performing in theatrical productions, podcasting my show is on major platforms, Random Ish w Sonja, now spinning some of my favorite music which spans genres and decades to connect and make dope memories for my clients and myself. 

Years of experience entertaining many types of people thru different radio genres developed

a skill of being able to vibe with many walks of life. 

From the business functions to weddings, school parties and everything in between,  I am all about connecting and having a great time with people thru music.  



My DJ Story

Customer Raves

good energy conductor

Ya feel me?

"1 word: WOW. Sonja's DJ'ing was above and beyond, easily the best part of our wedding, by far. Months beforehand, before even hiring a DJ, I knew that music was the most important part of our celebration: it sets the tone for the entire party. I wanted to save on expenses everywhere (parties are such a headache!) so I was going to do my own DJing off a Spotify playlist. Then I got stressed about people having a good time, so I hired a DJ anyway. Easily the best decision I ever made, hiring Sonja. I didn't know when I picked her that I was basically winning the lottery. Sonja is such a talent. She picks the best songs, has the nicest manner, emcees with such ease and suave. She had a perfect, light touch: not too in your face with her emceeing but also not too timid either. She kept everything running so smoothly, and from the start, even while we were just planning the event in the months leading up to it, Sonja's calm confidence and experience with DJ'ing brought me so much relief from the stress of making sure my guests had a good time. I knew they would, and they did. It was such a blast. What a talent, Sonja -- and a sincere JOY to work with!!! Incredibly chill and kind, a go-with-the-flow woman, can adapt to changing circumstances leading to the big day and make everything seem like no big deal. 10/10, would hire again!!!

Julia Cohen