my experience

More Than Just a JukeBOX...


I know how to have FUN & bring people together. 

My decision to step into dj'ing a few years back has proved to be a wise so far, receiving positive feedback in person and with online reviews. 

Currently playing in some of the finest venues for ALL types of events: MC festivals, DJ fashion shows, private parties, have club residency and LOVE weddings! 

Looking forward to meting you and creating more fun memories!

FM Radio


KDGS- wknd - Midday

KSJM- Mornings

WWRX- Nights

GOOM- Mornings

WTSR- Mornings



 Acting- Patrice Oneal coming soon (web)

69 Aint just a number


Various extra scenes


Mobile DJ 


welcome, Clients!

Sonja Denyse

FM Radio & DJ